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EZ Manufacturing.

EZ Manufacturing company designs and makes formation cables for the battery industry.

We invite you to browse this website for more information about our products.


In addition to cables:

We stock a complete line of adaptors, terminal fastening bolts, bulk cable, and Rectifier leads with any adaptor end and in any custom length.


Experience & quality:

We are proud of the products we produce and the time we put into perfecting them.

We spend considerable time in research and development of new products, all of which you will find here once developed and field tested.

Our wire is custom made to our specifications.

Our lead is blended to our specifications to provide long life to the battery adajptors.

And once completed, they are tested and inspected to insure that the quality of the cables meet our stringent specifications.

We do all of this to insure you are getting the best product available to serve your needs.